The company

We design our products in Spain, which allows us to guarantee a maximum level of quality, as well as control, coordination and immediate implementation of all processes.

The Garnatiled Group has offices in Europe (Paris, Madrid) and Asia (Hong Kong and Shanghai).
Since 2009, we have been investing in COB LED technology (chip on board) to develop the COB LED Garnatiled, demonstrating its high performance and high resistance.

Our Philosophy

Yes. You can have it all. That too.

When your business is technology-based, you find yourself in a constant race for innovation. And when it also involves energy savings you not only have to meet the budget constraints of your customers, but also meet the most demanding needs of the environment.
So once your products are under our beams, we are the most demanding to make them shine like never before.
For these reasons, our activity in the Garnatiled Group is based on three fundamental promises.
These promises are:
And through them, we work to "change the experience of our customers" - our vision.

                                   The group

The Garnatiled Group's main shareholder is SANCO HK.

The management team is based mainly in Spain (Madrid)


Creation of SANCO HK and WL Memory


Creation of EMO DYNAMIC


Change of WL Memory to WL Lighting


Creation of Garnatiled Europe